How to Choose Kitchen Cabinets Colors?

How to Choose Kitchen Cabinets Colors?

Redesigning your kitchen cabinets or renovating your old kitchen is an important issue. Because kitchen cabinets do not only undertake the task of collecting and storing our belongings. Kitchens are also a kind of living space. Kitchen cabinets occupy a large part of the kitchen. We can say that the kitchen is one of the most actively used places in the houses. Especially if your kitchen is in the form of an American kitchen, you spend even longer time. For this reason, it is necessary to make the right choice of color for these rooms. We want many factors to come together, such as being aesthetic, useful, long-lasting, economical, and reflecting our style. Of course, knowing what the latest trends in kitchen cabinets are will help make our choices a little easier.

The subject of kitchen cabinet colors and decoration has an important place in kitchen design. In general, we will provide both ideas and examples about the colorful designs of kitchen cabinet models so that you can choose more easily about how the kitchen should be decorated, the color of the cabinets or the wall. 

How to choose a kitchen cabinet color?

When choosing a kitchen cabinet paint, first of all, you need to consider the colors of the existing white goods. What color are your white goods such as washing machine, dishwasher, refrigerator, or oven? Gray or white? If your kitchen is compatible with gray tones, you can examine the gray kitchen cabinet types, and if it is compatible with white tones, you can examine the white kitchen cabinet types. While it is possible to see white cabinets in kitchens that are compatible with white tones, you are much more likely to see gray kitchen cabinets in gray kitchens.

Green Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinet color trends 2022

While red cabinets, which are popular these days, impress with their vitality, walnut or green cabinets can be preferred in addition to colors such as brown for those who want a spacious kitchen. Light blue kitchen cabinets, on the other hand, offer a spacious atmosphere if tones reminiscent of the sky can be captured.

"What color cabinets go with white kitchens?" In response to the question, you can choose black kitchen cabinet color. However, the brown cabinet color is also compatible. You can also consider light kitchen cabinet options for white kitchen cabinets. Anthracite, one of the best neutral kitchen cabinet colors, is also very compatible with white kitchens.

Blue Kitchen Cabinet

If you have a brown kitchen where light tones predominate, you can find the most suitable color in blue cabinet tones at this point. Thanks to the harmony of blue with the cabinets of the color we mentioned, you can get a very nice and cute kitchen. For those who are looking for dark kitchen cabinets, we can recommend black cabinets.

Blue Kitchen Cabinets

Brown Kitchen Cabinet

Among the two-color kitchen cabinet models, brown is one of the most popular kitchen cabinet colors of 2022. We can recommend brown as a kitchen cabinet color that will not tire you in cleaning. The only bad thing about this color of furniture is that it can make the kitchen a darker atmosphere if the environment does not receive enough light, since it is a dark color.

Natural-Finish Kitchen Cabinet

Natural finished cabinets, one of the most suitable colors for use in kitchens, will provide you with a warm and friendly image. It will also make the items and other parts in the kitchen look more beautiful. For this reason, we recommend that you take the light yellow among the alternatives.

Kitchen Cabinet Colors for Small Kitchens:

If the room you will work in home decoration has a large area, your alternatives are always much more. Decorating for narrow spaces is a job that requires a little more skill. It requires more detailed planning for the lighting of the area, furniture and accessory placement, and storage areas. Especially if you will be working on a place such as a kitchen, where installations are required and industrial products are abundant, having a narrow space will make your job more difficult.

The most well-known method that architects and designers have discovered by making long efforts or by users sometimes by trial and error is the comfort provided by colors. If you are decorating for narrow spaces, you should know how to use colors and lights. By choosing the right colors and the right lighting, you can create very spacious and wide-looking decors even in not large spaces.

Kitchen Cabinet Color Ideas for Small Kitchens

White Cabinets

The most well-known and effective way to make an area appear larger than it is is to refresh the area. You can refresh a narrow space by illuminating it with the help of large windows and strong lighting elements, and thus make it appear wider. Another way to provide this spacious image is a white background. In the decoration, the white background is provided by using white color on the main elements such as the floor, ceiling and walls. If you use white in the main elements of decoration, you will create a white background and provide comfort. The reason why white color is so effective in bringing freshness is that it is the color that reflects the light best. The more light reflected in the environment, the brighter it appears. To reflect more light, it is necessary to use more reflective surfaces. The more you use white color and reflective surfaces such as glass, mirror, epoxy in your decorations, the more spacious decoration you will get.

White Kitchen Cabinets

Black Cabinets

Black is a difficult color to apply, but it is also a stylish color. It can perfect any decor it is used in, but at the same time, there are many details that need attention when using it. If you want to use black color in a narrow kitchen, you can benefit from two formulas. First; you should design the room in monochromatic colors so that the color tone will be opened from floor to ceiling. In other words, you can use black on objects close to the floor, open the color towards the ceiling and combine it with colors such as white and gray. The second is; You should choose an item that you will use as black in the room, use lighter tones in the areas outside it, and add a few black objects to form a team.

Dark Kitchen Cabinets

Medium Kitchen Cabinets

Colors such as black, white, anthracite or earth tones are defined as neutral colors. The use of neutral colors on shiny and sleek surfaces provides a bright image. In this way, you can show your spaces wider. In addition, the minimalist decoration approach is ideal for narrow spaces. It is possible to use spaces much more efficiently in minimalism, which uses few items and almost no accessories.

Color Combined Kitchen Cabinets

If you are planning to use lively and many different colors in your kitchen decoration, then you should definitely choose white as the background of the design. You can apply any color you want on a white background without any rules. Thus, you can create very lively and striking decors.

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