Veneer Kitchen Cabinets

If you are looking for luxury and style for renovating your kitchen, look no further, wood veneer kitchen cabinets are your choice! Read more...

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They look absolutely gorgeous in any setting and can be used for cabinets of any size. Their versatile nature means that you can aim for either a classic or modern look or can go for a more customized personnel choice. With an endless variety of attractive selections, you can determine the exact tone, color, pattern, grain, and overall mood that you are looking for. On top of that, they carry many of the advantages of solid wood cabinets without the downsides such as humidity and damage marks.

Wood veneer kitchen cabinets are generally produced by the usage of two different types of wood. These consist of a thin layer, which is usually a type of hardwood such as plywood or particleboard, and a thick layer of softwood that is glued to each other to create durable material. While both solid wood kitchen cabinets and veneer kitchen cabinets are made through the usage of genuine wood, veneer holds the advantage of being much more durable in comparison. The reason is the layering technique used in the production process as mentioned above. Wood veneer cabinets will be more durable to damages from hard objects. They will have fewer marks from scratches, dents, and won’t have splitting problems like their solid wood counterparts. They are water-resistant as well, due to this layering. Finally, veneer cabinets are rather harder to install and pricier compared to their counterparts, however, we believe it is all well justified as they look totally gorgeous and would be an excellent option for any home and family.

In terms of style, veneer wood cabinets are very unique as they possess a natural wooden and modern look that is sure to enhance the luxurious vibe of your kitchen. As they are made from real wood, they can be treated in a manner of ways such as sanding and staining according to your personal preferences. You can select the wood type to your liking with varieties such as oak, teak, eucalyptus, palisander santos, and olive. Their colors are also highly variable ranging from a diverse spectrum of red, grey, natural, brown, dark brown, black, charcoal, and carbon.

No matter what color or option you are looking for, our diverse spectrum of veneer kitchen cabinets along with our years of expertise in the kitchen design industry here at Kitchen Hill, we will ensure that you pick the right choice for your kitchen to display your unique persona like never before.


Veneers are super-thin sheets of wood or melamine attached to plywood, fiberboard, or other materials. The veneer is cut a thin layer of natural wood and attached to the doors of cabinets etc.; it's an eco-friendly way to achieve the look of exotic woods without cutting down a lot of wood. They also look gorgeous and come in an endless variety of colors, patterns, and textures. You can easily create the atmosphere you want in the kitchen. Veneers are the most affordable option to renew your kitchen cabinets. But if you're dreaming of a durable, long-lasting kitchen cabinet, veneers may not be a sensible option.

If you think of renovating your kitchen cabinet, one of the most economical options is undoubtedly veneers. However, the cost varies according to the material used for the coatings and the size of the kitchen. Wood veneers cost $2,500 to $6,000. If your kitchen cabinets are ancient, we recommend that you buy new kitchen cabinets instead of incurring such costs.

Veneers are fixed on the surfaces of kitchen cabinets; if these cabinets are exposed to too much water, water will accumulate on the material under the veneer (plywood, particleboard, etc.) and may cause the veneer to peel or blister. It can also be worn, damaged, and peeled off when hit. For all these reasons, you should use your kitchen cabinets very carefully.