Omega Kitchen Cabinets

Omega is one of the top brands when kitchen renovation comes to mind and they certainly deserve their reputation for it. They produce the best quality custom-made kitchen vanities with their main focus on kitchen cabinets.  Read more...


The brand was first born in Washburn Iowa nearly thirty years ago with embracing the idea of creating the most beautiful furniture-quality kitchen cabinets and today they continue to do so with their ever-expanding set of beautiful kitchen collections. The brand carefully examines and maintains the production process of all their products, from the start of carefully picking the best-quality raw lumber to all to way to their cutting-edge production sites located in the United States and Canada. The reason the brand is really well-known, however, comes from its exquisite focus on detail, expert craftsmanship, and endless customization options. Every designer working in Omega is carefully trained and focused on creating the perfect design for your home. The brand’s expertise in their field allows them to produce totally custom-made kitchen cabinets with every detail ranging from door style, material selection, and finish treatment, with all the input coming from you.

Omega kitchen cabinets reviews have always been very positive by buyers all across the  nation with their very high-quality kitchen vanities and excellent customer service. The brand is also taking global resource sustainability in high regard and, thus, is certified in the highly sought Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association (KCMA) Environmental Stewardship Program. This program recognizes companies that dedicate themselves to global sustainability efforts through using responsible materials during production as well as minimizing environmental impacts through recycling wastes and using low emission coating. As a part of the MasterBrand Cabinetry family, Omega Cabinets will ensure that you get what you are looking for with any type of detail that you desire. Whatever kitchen vanity you acquire from Omega, whether its kitchen cabinets or vanities, you will surely bring unrivaled aesthetic qualities to your home’s kitchen that will last for long years to come.

Due to their nearly endless amount of color options of Omega cabinets, we might be able to offer you some recommendations for selecting your kitchen theme. If you are after a warm and cozy warm kitchen theme then you can go with brown and blue-toned vanity options. You can opt for blue kitchen cabinets with Omega’s Blue Lagoon color and pair it with Aurora Blue granite countertop, which has a perfect balance of blue shading and brown contrast within its natural veins. If you prefer blue kitchen countertops then you can have a look at Volga Blue granite countertops accompanied by any natural wood/brown color from Omega such as Labrador for dark hues and Butternut for light ones.

For more traditional yet elegant kitchen themes, you can opt for white and navy-blue kitchen cabinets. We suggest you take a look at Oyster, Pure White, and Pearl color options from Omega accompanied with Arden Blue quartz countertops from Silestone. Perhaps you might want to add a dash of marvel into your kitchen, then you will definitely fall in love with the Blue Italian Star granite kitchen countertop to match any variation of the white kitchen cabinet of your choice.

Lastly, we definitely suggest you take a look at modern kitchen themes. The first theme that comes to mind, of course, is the opulent black and white kitchen color theme. For black kitchen cabinets from Omega, you can go for deep Black and Amalfi. Both of these cabinet colors would be well complimented with white marble and quartz countertops such as White Zeus and White Storm from Silestone. These variations without veins are simply very elegant in look and feel. They will surely attain looks from anyone visiting your home kitchen with their astounding beauty.

As one of the top Omega kitchen cabinets dealers, we at Kitchen Hill will be more than happy to provide you with any assistance you require for your kitchen renovation. You can contact us for our free services such as in-home measurement, showroom appointment, and 3D visual kitchen design prepared by our expert designers with no obligation to make a purchase. Our years of experience in the kitchen renovation industry along with the superior quality of our products such as Omega kitchen cabinets will ensure that you obtain the ultimate look for your dream kitchen.


Omega kitchen cabinets are made in the brand's heritage production facilities located in Washburn, Iowa. The lumber for their custom kitchen cabinets is gathered from production sites located in the US and Canada.

When cleaning your white Omega kitchen cabinets you can use common household products such as vinegar, baking soda, and warm water. Simply create a cleaning solution by mixing up a cup of vinegar and one tablespoon of baking soda with two to three cups of warm water. You can then use two clean cloths of wool or microfiber to clean and dry your cabinets. To maintain the beauty of your white kitchen cabinets we recommend doing this once a month.