Medium Color Kitchen Cabinets

No element transforms a kitchen quite like the color of its cabinets. It affects a wide variety of things — including the mood, the resale value of your house, and even how often you'll have to clean — so it's worth taking ample time to choose what is perhaps the single most important color in your home.  Read more...

Medium color kitchen cabinets are known for creating inviting, warm spaces. If you want your kitchen to be a welcoming, cozy living space, you should opt for using medium color kitchen cabinets in your design.

Having warm and earthy tones, medium oak kitchen cabinets highlight the quality and natural beauty of the material being used. Moreover, medium color cabinets work very well with quartz and granite countertops. If you want to incorporate medium color cabinets into your kitchen design, you can go for shaker, raised panel, or flat panel styles.

Color Combinations with Medium Color Kitchen Cabinets

We normally opt for dark floors with light cabinets or vice versa. How about we prove to you that the answer to “Do light colors go good with medium kitchen cabinets?” can indeed be “Yes!”.

Brown cabinets with grey walls

The first magnificent way to beautify your kitchen is painting the wall with grey color. Once you add grey color to the walls, install the cabinets and see the outstanding change in your kitchen. This color scheme of grey walls and brown kitchen cabinets can look great together. The grey-colored walls can feature both dark and light cabinets in your kitchen. 

As the kitchen is a vital part of your home, you always want to ensure it is functional and beautiful. Whether it is a home renovation or improvement work, you should pay more attention to your kitchen. Cabinets become an indispensable part of the space. However, the design and color of the kitchen cabinets could bring more light to the overall area. Brown is a neutral color when you talk about kitchen cabinets. So, looking for amazing brown acrylic kitchen cabinets is a good idea. 

Medium color range kitchen cabinets and white tiles 

The white tiles in your kitchen can make the brown wooden cabinet look a little more special. It can be a very special blend of these two colors. This is another wonderful idea you can consider while searching for colors matching brown cabinets in the kitchen.

White and medium tone kitchen cabinets 

If you are looking for medium-tone kitchen cabinets, you can think about having a mix of white and brown cabinets in your kitchen. Both these colors will complement each other in a great way to make the kitchen area look a little classier and more elegant.

Medium tone and white cabinets with dark brown flooring

When you are excited to know the best brown lamination ideas, you can give preference to dark brown flooring. This type of color can increase the attractiveness of the brown cabinets you are looking to install in your kitchen. You can also go for medium and white cabinets with this type of flooring.


Blue walls and kitchen cabinets 

According to experts, it could be better to have a backsplash with medium color cabinets in your kitchen when the walls are blue. The blue walls featuring medium-tone cabinets will look excellent from some distance. The color combo will add some glamour to the house.


Our last and perhaps most important tip to choosing a kitchen cabinet color is to select colors you love and can live with. Regardless of what's trending or traditionally popular, you are the one who will be looking at your cabinets every day. For that reason, it's best to go with colors that represent you and make you feel at home.

To learn more about kitchen colors and styles, you can read our blog post; "Kitchen Cabinet Colors and Styles for 2022".


+What Colors Go Well With Medium Colored Kitchen Cabinets?

You can opt for soft tones such as white, beige, tan, light blue, pale yellow, and similar tones. Medium colors are suggested to have a slightly lighter tone to bring out the beauty of your kitchen cabinets. You can prefer medium colored brown, grey, and blue tones for this. Finally, for a majestic look and feel you can select dark gray and black.

+What Color Flooring Goes With Medium Kitchen Cabinets?

Medium-bright floor colors are the best option for creating a color scheme with medium kitchen cabinets. The idea here is to allow colors to complement each other, not mix them. For oak, you can opt for medium-brown tones. White will be an all-time smooth choice for this purpose as well. Last but not least, you can use light gray tones to bring out the details of your medium kitchen cabinets.

+Should Floors Be Lighter Or Darker Than Cabinets?

This depends on your preferred color palette for your kitchen. If you are aiming for a cozy and natural atmosphere then having soft tones for floors and slightly darker tones for your kitchen cabinets will do the trick. The same can also be said about wooden materials. You can complement wooden kitchen cabinets with lighter flooring colors. Sharp contrasts are also beautiful options for a modern kitchen theme such as the classic white with black and light blue with white.