Quartzite Kitchen Countertops

Quartzite is a naturally occurring metamorphic stone. While the name is similar to quartz, this stone is not engineered like quartz but is mined from quarries.


Quartzite Formation Process

The stone begins transforming when suitable amounts of sandstone and/or chert rich in sparkling quartz crystals experience high heat and pressure. The resulting material is glass-like and has many different colorations, which attributes quartzite to its aesthetic usage. Since quartzite is a natural stone, it also carries many distinctive features in marble and granite countertops regarding veining, shades, and hues.

Advantages of Quartzite Countertops 

  • Quartzite is amongst the most durable and resistant natural countertop materials suitable for high-traffic kitchens. 

  • As long as maintained properly, quartzite countertops ensure longevity by preserving their unique beauty. 

  • Quartzite countertops are resistant to heat, scratches, and UV lights, making them an ideal choice for both interior and outdoor applications. 

  • Quartzite is a gift of nature and carries a unique beauty that adds persona to any kitchen used. 

  • Quartzite countertops add value to your home, ensuring luxury and longevity together. 

  • You can easily clean quartzite countertops with mild soap, soft cloth, and warm water. Note that immediate attention to spills is a must to preserve the surface from permanent stains. 

What to Consider About Quartzite Countertops

Like many other natural stones, quartzite has a porous surface, requiring regular maintenance with sealing. This way, you can protect your quartzite countertops from damage like stains and bacterial growth. However, if you are not willing to dedicate yourself to a maintenance routine, there may be better options than quartzite. 

Ideas for Quartzite Countertop Colors 

You have many different ways of using your quartzite countertops when it comes to color options. For instance, you can opt for a white quartzite countertop with the look of marble but with extreme durability and resistance. 

You can also pick a black quartzite countertop that will literally radiate with deep sparks to enrichen the overall mood of your vanities. 

Blue quartzite countertops are also readily available for exotic options and can allow you to design your surroundings with a unique touch.

You should consider your design style, the overall look of your kitchen, and how you want to reflect your persona while choosing your perfect quartzite countertop color. Whichever color you prefer, quartzite countertops will bring luxurious beauty to your kitchen. 

Discover Kitchen Hill’s Finest Quality Quartzite Countertops 

As Kitchen Hill, we owe our success to our dedication to providing the utmost customer satisfaction with the best quality products and well-experienced services. Providing a diverse spectrum of quartzite countertops, we guarantee you to find the best pick for your kitchen to display your unique persona like never before.

Reach out, and together, we will discover your quartzite countertop options that will make your kitchen perfect! 


+Is quartzite good for kitchen countertops?

Quartzite is a natural stone, and it is one of the most durable countertop materials you can buy - similar to granite. Also, It looks like marble. If you like marble countertops, but they’re outside your budget, Quartzite is the best option for you. It is also straightforward to clean; you can wash your kitchen with soap and warm water and make it look great. Considering all this, Quartzite is perfect for the kitchen countertop.

+Is quartzite cheaper than granite?

Quartzite is generally more expensive than granite. Usually, Quartzite countertops prices start at $89 per square foot, while granite prices start at $59. This price may vary depending on the quality of the material. But a rarer granite can be more costly than an ordinary quartzite and, of course, vice versa.

+Do quartzite countertops stain?

Quartzite is a porous material to seep water, and if it is not wiped up immediately, it can lead to the formation of stains and the growth of bacteria. To protect quartzite countertops from stains, you need to seal them.

+Which is cheaper quartz or quartzite?

Quartz and Quartzite are generally similar in price, but quartzite countertops' price goes up when it comes to installation costs. Quartzite is a natural stone requiring special cuts and labor-intensive countertop installations. These increase the cost significantly. For this reason, we can say that quartz countertops cost less than quartzite countertops.