Granite Kitchen Countertops

Granite is one of the world’s oldest and most sophisticated minerals. Next to diamond, granite is a very sturdy mineral found in nature, and it scales 7 on the Mohs Hardness scale.


Granite Formation Process

Granite is formed around the earth’s crust over thousands of years. This ingenious ancient mineral is created through the process of liquid magma gradually heating off under extreme amounts of pressure through tectonic plates. This solidification process gives granite its trademark durability and beauty by allowing distinct color formations to be formed within the base material. 

Not only are granite countertops a durable addition to your kitchen appliances, but they are also a stunning element that speaks for itself regardless of its surroundings with its wide spectrum of color options. Simply put, our granite countertops will bring an atmosphere of elegance and beauty to your kitchen.

Advantages of Granite Countertops 

  • Granite countertops are very well-known for their strength and resilience as they are heavy-duty, scratch, heat, and acid-resistant. You can use hot pots, frying pans, skillets, and any type of kitchen equipment without worrying about your granite kitchen countertops. 

  • Granite countertops will also not gather any type of mold or mildew as their porosity levels are very low. Once assured with a high-quality sealer, your beautiful granite kitchen countertops will last a lifetime.

  • At the same time, granite is considered by many geologists and experts to be an eco-friendly and green material as they are a renewable mineral due to its being in a constant cycle of creation by mother earth itself. 

  • Granite countertops reflect the beauty of nature, adding a unique appearance to anywhere they are used. Thanks to the timeless beauty of granite countertops, granite always preserves its popularity among homeowners. Besides, there are no two exactly the same granite slabs, meaning each granite countertop is peerless. 

What to Consider About Granite Countertops 

As it has a porous surface, granite requires regular maintenance with sealing to be protected from stains, bacterial growth, and scratches. As long as you stick to such a routine, your granite countertops will preserve their beauty for years to come. 

Ideas for Granite Countertop Colors

There are many choices for granite countertops, including veined, spotted, and highlighted ones. You may want to use alternating colors with our white granite countertops to suit your existing kitchen equipment. Alternatively, you may wish to gain a cutting-edge look by choosing black granite countertops to contrast your white kitchen drawers. If you are looking for something more exotic, our range of blue granite marble countertops will make your kitchen speak for itself.

Have Your Dream Kitchen with Kitchen Hill

Having years of experience in the field, we prioritize ensuring 100% customer satisfaction with the highest quality products and attentive services at Kitchen Hill. With our diverse spectrum of granite countertops here at Kitchen Hill, we will ensure that you pick the right choice for your kitchen to display your unique persona like never before.

Reach out to learn more about our granite countertop options, or get assistance from us to have the kitchen you desire! 


+What is the average cost for granite countertops?

The average cost for granite countertops is between $59 and $69 per square foot, but for a higher quality granite countertop, this price can go up to $139. You can use granite countertops, which have been quite durable for many years, so we recommend you to invest in quality ones.

+Which is cheaper granite or quartz?

The price range of these two stones is very close to each other. Sometimes Quartz can be more expensive due to its manufacturing processes, or Granite can sometimes be more costly than Quartz, depending on the color and pattern. Prices for granite countertops start at $49 and $59 per square foot, while quartz countertops start at $69.

+How long does a granite countertop last?

Granite is the most durable countertop material compared to other materials. As with every natural stone, it can wear out over time, but you can use it for more than 15 years, depending on the level of use and maintenance quality. Experts have said that Granite can last even 100 years if properly maintained. In addition, you can continue to use your granite countertop by repairing it instead of completely replacing it, and its repair is cheaper than other stones.