Grey Kitchen Cabinets

For being timeless and very versatile, grey is one of the favourite colors of professional interior designers. As interior design trends like bold colors, loud patterns or pastel tones come and go, austere looking gray kitchen cabinets offer the perfect backdrop. From cottage inspired kitchens to ultra modern ones, grey cabinets fit in well with many different styles.


Some homeowners stubbornly believe that grey is a boring colour for kitchen cabinets but they couldn’t be more wrong! Grey is a multifaceted color that offers mesmerizing warm hues and cool, collected cold hues; thus you can pair it with almost any color, texture and style.

With a warm shade of grey you can create an inviting, eclectic, beach style kitchen. You can add a splash of color using warm blues, gorgeous plants, light colored countertops and patterned accessories.

Using a lighter shade of grey, you can realize the most daring traditional kitchen design ideas. Paired with frameless or framed raised panel style, light grey traditional cabinets illuminate the kitchen and make it look more spacious. If you are after a more sophisticated look, you can add silver or brass handles and silver or gold accessories to your traditional kitchen design.

With a more earthy shade of grey, you can capture the best aspects of contemporary style in your kitchen. You can make the room more lively using orange, brass or brown accessories and opt for a quartz countertop for more pizzazz.

If you want to create a modern and sleek kitchen, you can try using darker shades of grey with lacquer finish and flat panel cabinets. Especially if you have a spacious kitchen, darker colors will help you create an impressive look.

If you want to incorporate gray into your kitchen design but need more grey kitchen cabinets ideas, see our wide collection for inspiration!



You can never go wrong with white wall paint for pairing your grey kitchen cabinets. If you want a difference, opt for a lighter shade of grey to keep the theme bright.

The right color of grey depends on your taste. You can go majestic with anthracite, evoke mystery with shale, or bring a harmonious balance to your kitchens with silver.

Grey kitchen cabinets are a fantastic option for those that seek both a timeless and modern design for their kitchens. Grey is versatile and neutral, giving you freedom in design.