Modern Kitchen Cabinets in New Jersey

The kitchen is the most energetic room in a house because it is where the magic happens. However, sometimes this joyful rush turns out to be chaos. However, various kitchen design options help you reduce the risk of having a messy and somewhat dysfunctional kitchen.


If you are one of those who want to balance their kitchens with a minimalistic and functional remodeling, a modern kitchen design is probably the one that can answer your needs. With its open spaces, simple color palettes, and sleek features, the contemporary kitchen design reduces the chaos and rush in the place. Moreover, modern kitchen design gives utmost importance to functionality without sacrificing beauty. Accordingly, you can ensure simplistic elegance, practicality, and harmony in your kitchen with modern design.

There is no doubt that kitchen cabinets are one of the essential parts that define modern kitchen design because modern or contemporary kitchen cabinets aim to provide both usefulness and aesthetic perfection with their simplistic look. One of the basic features of modern kitchen cabinets is that various materials can be combined to manufacture modern kitchen cabinets. Wood, laminates, glass, or metal can be mixed in modern kitchen cabinets, while traditional kitchen cabinets are more likely to be made primarily from one type of wood. Another characteristic of modern kitchen cabinets is their color palette, ranging from bright to bold colors. When it comes to the form, doors with simplistic details and sleek surfaces are the best that reflect the functionality and style of modern cabinets. Relationally, modern kitchen cabinets offer easy maintenance and durability to ensure the functionality of your kitchen. Last but not least, modern cabinets make sure that your kitchen looks airy and spacious, no matter if you have a big, small, bright, or darker kitchen.

In light of this information about modern kitchen cabinets, it is easier to decide whether modern-style cabinetry is the one you need for your kitchen. If you are looking for modern kitchen cabinets in New Jersey, we introduce Kitchen Hill's comprehensive collection of high-quality modern and contemporary cabinetry.

As one of the East Coast's well-known and reliable kitchen cabinet suppliers, Kitchen Hill provides affordable, stylish, and practical modern kitchen cabinets in NJ. We give great importance to offering our customers various options so they can reflect their own interpretation of the modern style. For instance, you can pair unique designs with dark, charismatic colors or opt for more natural-looking material to create your dream modern kitchen. If you want to make a statement, you can also use bright and loud colors such as lively orange, quirky lemon, or eye-catching glass green.

In the case that you are after a sleek look, you can opt for frameless cabinets that will work perfectly with your modern kitchen. You can go for a paint finish for a matte and dignified look or create a futuristic atmosphere with a lacquer finish. Suppose you want to add some sophistication to your kitchen by highlighting the natural beauty of the high-quality wood. In that case, you should choose a veneer finish that can be paired with Bamboo, American Walnut, Oak, Makassar, Olive, and Eucalyptus material. 

Do you want to have a modern kitchen design that is simple yet memorable? If so, Mercury is just what you are looking for. Mercury is one of the most popular modern cabinet designs, has framed construction, and comes in four colors: White, Grey, Cherry, and Espresso.

In addition to somber options, Kitchen Hill offers bold and loud contemporary kitchen cabinets. Designed by Hans Krug, modern frameless cabinets look sleek and shiny. Pairing high-quality material with bold colors like signal red, violet, curry green, yellow, yellow yolk, and sapphire blue with a lacquer finish, contemporary cabinets will make your kitchen the focal point of your home.

All these examples show that there are lots we can offer our customers for those searching for trusted modern kitchen cabinets stores in New Jersey. As Kitchen Hill, we prioritize customer satisfaction and provide high-quality modern kitchen cabinets in New Jersey for the most competitive prices. Besides, the cabinetry brands we work with are the most professional in the kitchen industry. Some of these brands are Omega, Cubitac, St. Martin, and Hans Krug. We would also love to see our customers in our New Jersey showroom to have a lovely shopping experience.

If you want to learn more about our New Jersey products and services, including top-quality kitchen cabinet installation in NJ, you can contact us so that we can help you realize the dream modern kitchen design. We are proud to be part of the project that will turn your kitchen into the most joyful and lively place in your home.


+What are modern style kitchen cabinets?

Modern style kitchen cabinets feature flat surfaces, geometric forms, and very little adornments. This allows for a minimalistic design template that welcomes neutral colors as well as a good amount of space. Simplicity is also a very important aspect when it comes to modern kitchen cabinets, and that's why they tend to have sleek, simple, and flat surfaces.

+What are the features of modern kitchen cabinets?

Modern kitchen cabinets focus on simplistic details, finished, and surfaces. They have minimalistic design templates with neutral colors dominating the color scheme. Modern kitchen cabinets also like to focus on function over-complicated design models.

+Are modern kitchen cabinets in style?

Modern kitchen cabinets are at the peak of their popularity. With the rising trends of neutral colors palettes and flexibility in functionality, modern kitchen cabinets gained massive interest in recent years. Minimalistic, efficient, and sleek in design, modern kitchen cabinets are a very solid choice when it comes to home kitchen decoration.

+What are popular colors for modern kitchen cabinets?

White, light gray, dark gray, light blue, forest green, and black are very popular options for modern kitchen cabinets. These colors are mainly neutral meaning that they will complement the minimalistic and sleek nature of modern kitchen cabinets perfectly.