Lacquer Kitchen Cabinets

Lacquer kitchen cabinets have got a solid and durable finish that adds value to your kitchens. Read more...

Their breathable, waterproof, and highly resistant nature allows them to be a perfect option for any home. One of the biggest advantages of lacquer is the variety of endless color and stylistic choices in comparison to many other kitchen cabinets. They are made by enclosing a base material, mostly wooden, with a tough surface which is then painted and installed in your kitchen in segments.

You may consider why painted kitchen cabinets are inferior to lacquer kitchen cabinets like many of our customers. The answer lies in the attributes of durability, high-gloss finish- and return on investment.

Lacquer kitchen cabinets are very tough and they last longer than their counterparts. They are highly resistant to chipping and flaking off, which is a tremendous advantage when it comes to long time usage. Lacquer dries very fast in almost an hour and will keep the wooden material in it intact.

The coating of lacquer is also much thicker than regular paint and this will ensure that you will attain a smooth and seamless finish. Finally, lacquer is more expensive than regular paint most of the time. However, this means that its value will be added to your property or home once completed.

We always suggest a professional as ourselves at Kitchen Hill to install your lacquer kitchen cabinets, as they require the right protective measures, ventilation, and equipment to be adequately installed to your kitchen to last for years to come.

If you are after a special type of color edition for your lacquer kitchen cabinets then we suggest starting with bold color selections such as red lacquer kitchen cabinets. However, classical color choices such as white lacquer kitchen cabinets are always a good idea if you want your kitchen details to stand-out for your guests and the overall atmosphere.

No matter what color or option you are looking for, our diverse spectrum of lacquer kitchen cabinets along with our years of expertise in the kitchen design industry here at Kitchen Hill, we will ensure that you pick the right choice for your kitchen to display your unique persona like never before.