Remodel Your Dream Kitchen Layout

Why You Should Consider Kitchen Renovation?

Although we barely realize it, our kitchens are actually the most important part of our homes, and making those parts perfect eventually makes the home itself so. The flow of one’s daily routine and the overall circulation can never be complete without the kitchen and its general functions. What’s more, a kitchen is much more than just a dining or a cooking room, as it bestows countless food shared among people who simultaneously share mutual memories, sitting around the same table. That being the case, we consider kitchen renovation to be an excellent investment to make… both for the overall value of a home and for the people living inside.
There are many kitchen ideas and kitchen pictures to look at. Thus, kitchen remodeling process can seem daunting at first. This is where professional kitchen design services and installers come into play. We at Kitchen Hill do our best to ensure that you choose what will be best for your new kitchen - or redesign your existing kitchen layout design.

6 Easy Steps for Kitchen Remodelling


Kitchen Measurement

Every project begins with the first step, and that one is none other than measurement for your beautiful dream kitchen. You can either take the measurements by yourself or schedule an appointment with us here. We always suggest talking with professionals first unless you are experienced for the best results during measurement. You can contact us here and visit us in our kitchen showroom located in Closter, NJ.



Kitchen Design Ideas and Professional Consultation

We are here to help you along this journey with our expert kitchen designers to get the most out of your kitchen layout ideas. We offer unique kitchen remodeling ideas of varying types. From small kitchen design ideas to large L-shaped kitchens, from simple kitchen designs to luxurious large kitchens, our wide selection of design templates will help you make the best decision for your home kitchen. Our expert designers will guide you throughout the entirety of the process. Additionally, you can view your kitchen from a detailed perspective with our kitchen design software. Our designers present you with the real-time 3D form of your kitchen design layout so you can finalize your decisions regarding your concept. If you like our initial design and price estimate, we ask for a 10% fee of the proposed estimate (which is a minimum of $2,000, applied towards your final purchase), and we will work with you until you are 100% satisfied and happy of the end results.



Choosing Your Kitchen Cabinets

You can choose from a wide variety of options that categorize by style, color, finish, and brand. For special projects, you can order fully or semi-custom kitchen cabinets to attain a very unique look. Whether you are looking for traditional, transitional, or modern kitchens with colors ranging from light to dark, you will find a large selection of kitchen cabinet brands available to you.



Delivery and Installation of Your Kitchen Cabinet Products

Once your kitchen cabinet design is approved, we ask for 50% of the payment as a deposit. This includes the paid retainer fee as well. Then we place the orders for your high-quality kitchen cabinets from our manufacturers and wait for their arrival. We work with a high variety of kitchen manufacturers based in different parts of the world. Depending on the type of your kitchen, time amounts can vary. For domestic products, the estimated time is 3 to 8 weeks, while for European kitchen brands this can take around 4 to 12 weeks. Once your products arrive, it takes us a maximum of 7 workdays depending on the size of your kitchen project. Since we will already be in touch with the manufacturers during the delivery dates, we can easily organize the installation within 1 or 2 days of their arrival.



Selecting Your Kitchen Countertop and Backsplash Materials

After your kitchen cabinets installation is completed, you can move on to adding kitchen countertops and backsplashes. From natural stone slabs such as marble, granite, and quartzite all the way to engineered man-made high-quality stones such as quartz, we have a rich variety of stone options ready to adorn the beautiful space of your kitchen. You can also visit us in our slab yard which harbors a wide selection of color and pattern options. This way you can see large samples instead of small ones and make a more conscious decision when selecting your countertops and backsplashes.



Delivery & Installation of Your Brand-New Kitchen Countertops and Backsplashes

Our countertops and backsplash delivery and installation work the same way as our kitchen cabinets do. We ask for a 50% down payment after your product choices have been approved before giving your orders. If the products you chose in our slab yard are available in stocks, we will start the installation process after scheduling a suitable date. If the products, such as quartz countertops and backsplashes, are absent from our stocks we will contact their manufacturers and order them. Quartz countertop products usually take 2 to 4 workdays to arrive depending on the location of their manufacturers. After your countertops arrive, we require a maximum of 7 workdays to complete the installation process. All that is left for you to enjoy your brand-new home kitchen with your family and loved ones!


Our Professional Designers

Average of 20+ years in kitchen and bath design

Our kitchen remodeling process is designed in the most efficient and lean way possible. This eliminates questions marks on your mind and enables you to spend your valuable time elsewhere while knowing that your dream kitchen layout is being designed by industry veterans with years of experience.

Our designers have an average of 20+ years designing living quarters for families, businesses, workspaces, and venues working directly with professional contractors. They will do their utmost to provide you with the best design templates suitable to your needs and desires.


Popular Kitchen Layouts

Small, Large, Edgy, or Curved - We Have Something for Everyone

Every house is different and its needs are unique. Whether you are looking for a one-wall, galley, U-shaped, L-shaped, G-shaped, small, medium, or large spaced kitchen we have you covered.


Small space doesn’t necessarily mean less functional. Small space small kitchen designs are a popular trend utilized by many homeowners around the globe and the US. Modern small space kitchens are truly a wonder to have and work with. If you also want to utilize your extra space you can add kitchen islands with dedicated cooking, working, and seating spots.


You can design an L-shaped kitchen with an island for efficiency. Perhaps, you require more breathing room then you might want to opt for U-shaped kitchen designs with windows. You can also go for a square 20” 20” kitchen design if you have the additional space. The choice is ultimately up to you and your unique needs. Whatever you like, we will design and implement, all so that you can attain the decoration for your dream kitchen.


Easy Remodeling Checklist

To ease your whole kitchen remodeling process, we even created a neatly organized checklist for you to make preparations. Read it right below!


1. Prepare the Area for Deconstruction

  • Make sure to remove valuable items and furniture out of the project area,
  • Use drop cloths for items in the nearby rooms,
  • Remove items hanging on the neighboring walls such as paintings, photographs, and/or artwork,
  • Check and if necessary, replace your air filters at the start and end of the project,


2. Designate a Temporary Kitchen

  • Select a room with access to a water source for your temporary kitchen,
  • Utilize the laundry room or bathroom for washing dishes,
  • Prepare your microwave and coffee maker in a safe location,
  • Reduce your workload by stocking up on paper plates and plastic/organic flatware,


3. Provide Support to Your Installers

  • Select a bathroom for your installers to use,
  • Always insist on work area clean up every day, even though our team is precisely instructed and trained to do so,
  • Identify an area for storing kitchen design and work tools,
  • Choose adequate parking locations for your installers,


4. Be Ready for the Delivery

  • Identify a storage area for your newly arrived kitchen cabinets, countertops, and other products,
  • Inspect each and every one of the products upon their arrival,
  • Communicate with your designer to confirm your products and inquiries,


5. Enjoy Your New Dream Kitchen!

  • Gaze upon your beautiful and elegant new kitchen layout,
  • Throw a party to celebrate your new kitchen,
  • As a friendly gesture, you might even consider inviting your kitchen designer!
  • Finally, after all is said and done prepare a hot cup of coffee and enjoy your moment. Take your time, you earned it.


Kitchen Remodel Cost

Kitchen renovation cost affordable for every budget does exist! Depending on what you want and need, the average kitchen renovation cost varies between $20,000 and $40,000. With our endless alternatives of brand, style, color, and material, you can easily find an affordable full kitchen remodel cost offer.


+should i remodel my kitchen myself

Remodeling a kitchen is hard work, and it is not a process that you can handle by watching DIY videos on Youtube. If you want to achieve a satisfactory result when remodeling your kitchen, you first need to find a professional. For example, renovating a kitchen cabinet is a difficult task. Kitchen cabinets are heavy, and you can cause accidents if you don't hang the cabinets properly. Especially the upper cabinets should be mounted very well due to their weight and the load they will carry (dishes, glasses, etc.).

+does kitchen remodel add value to home

The kitchen is one of the most critical rooms in the house. It is essential that the kitchen, one of the areas where delicious meals are cooked, and the owners spend most of their time, has a well-designed, functional, and beautiful appearance. A remodeled kitchen adds value to your home; of course, this value varies depending on the remodeling and expense you have made for the kitchen. Most people who want to buy a house are willing to pay more for homes with good kitchens.

+how long does kitchen remodel take

The kitchen remodels period varies according to the changes you will make in your kitchen and the size of your kitchen. An average kitchen renovation can take between 6 and 8 weeks, while the remodel period can take 10-12 weeks for larger kitchens. If you want to remodel your kitchen completely, the remodel period for large projects of this scale can take between 3 and 5 months.

+is remodeling a kitchen a good investment

Yes, remodeling the kitchen is an excellent investment for your home. The fact that the kitchen is functional, new, and beautiful has essential importance in purchasing the home. Most of the people who want to buy a house especially check the kitchens of the houses. Therefore, you will make a good investment in your home by remodeling your kitchen.

+is kitchen remodel worth it

Remodel your kitchen to benefit you as long as you use it because it's worth it. Remodeled kitchens will continue to serve you better for many years and also add value to your home if you consider selling your home in the future. It is one of the essential home areas that influence many home buyers' purchasing decisions.

+when to remodel kitchen

When to remodel your kitchen depends on the condition of your kitchen and you. While some kitchens do not need to remodel, some may need to remodel due to long years of use - abrasions in the kitchen cabinets or countertops wear out. On average, kitchens may need renovation every 10-15 years.

+is kitchen remodel tax deductible

"Repairs are generally not tax-deductible - except in the case of home offices and rental properties that you own. If you have a leaking sink in your kitchen that needs repair, it cannot be deducted, but a restructuring project is tax-deductible. Here are the situations where you can get some tax deductions; - Lowering or modifying kitchen cabinets - Purchasing solar water heaters - Modifying fire alarms and smoke detectors"

+how often should you remodel a kitchen

The kitchen is one of the areas we use most at home; the items in this area wear out over time; they need repair and remodel. A kitchen needs remodel every 10-15 years on average.