Kitchen Cabinets Guide for Standard Sizes and Dimensions

Kitchen Cabinets Guide for Standard Sizes and Dimensions

Size does matter if you are looking for semi-custom cabinets or stock cabinets. Each home has different wall sizes, which makes the size crucial. It will be a disaster if you order oversized or ridiculously tiny cabinets. It means both your money and your dreams of having the perfect kitchen washed out. 

So, it is high time you measure every wall and corner of your kitchen and write them down. You can first sketch the walls on a piece of paper and take notes on it for a more accurate result. Make sure you measure the walls from edge to edge, which can be easier with a tape measure. Don't leave out the window sills, doorsteps, or skirts on the floor. Note every minute detail lest you are tumbled down at the end by surprise. 

It is not enough just to measure your kitchen. You should also have an idea about the kitchen cabinet dimensions. Various styles of the cabinets, such as base cabinets, wall cabinets, and tall cabinets, have different standardized sizes. It might not be necessary to know these details if you hired a carpenter to produce cabinets unique for you from scratch, as he/she would measure everything perfectly. However, if you consider ordering ready-made cabinets, pay attention to the details of the standard cabinet sizes listed here.

Base Kitchen Cabinet Dimensions

Base cabinets are the cores of our kitchens. Situated on the floor, they carry the sink, the countertop, and the countertop stove if you have one. You prepare your delicious meals technically on them. That's why they are the most expensive sets of kitchen cabinets, but they definitely deserve it. 

The height of the base cabinets without a countertop is 34.5 inches, and the depth is 24 inches, while the standard widths vary. There are some options from 12 inches to 48 inches. 

Base Cabinet Height

The height of the base cabinets doesn't change from kitchen to kitchen. They are manufactured in a standard size. In case you are someone with a wheelchair or a special need, you need to find a custom-made product instead of going for the standard cabinet height. Also, you might be so tall that you want to raise it. If so, you can put some wooden blocks that you can find in every hardware store under them. However, it is critical to apply the correct height because otherwise, it makes it impossible to work on the kitchen counter. 

Also, take the height of the countertop into account as it is added to the height of the cabinet. The kitchen counter heights are generally around 1-2 inches. 

Base Cabinet Depth

The depth of the base cabinets is also standard. It is because of practical reasons. It would be hard for you to take the utensils out if the depth is too much. The best size for it is 24 inches which are approximately 60 cm. Base cabinets are primarily used for major stuff in the kitchen, such as large pans, kettles, etc. 

The countertop size should fit it, but it would be better if it were a little bit bigger. It will provide you with more space to work more freely. 

Base Cabinet Width

The most variously sized parts of base cabinets are their width. You can find base kitchen widths from 12 inches to 48 inches. It would be best if you kept in mind the dimensions of your kitchen. 

9 to 24 inches cabinets are usually for baking pans or spices. 30-inch ones are the perfect fit for a single basin, while 33 inches are for double basins. 

Base Kitchen Cabinets

Wall Kitchen Cabinet Dimensions

Wall kitchen cabinet sizes are another element you should consider while choosing your cabinets. As they are upper cabinets, you can use them to store food or small utensils so that they gravitate with their weight. They are fixed directly onto your wall with screws. As they are the most visible parts of your kitchen, you might consider spending more on them compared to the base cabinets. 

The standard upper cabinet sizes are various. Heights vary from 15 to 42 inches, while the depths are 12 to 24 inches. Standard widths are 9 to 48 inches in general. 

Wall Cabinet Height

You cannot choose the upper cabinet heights mostly because they should fit between your counter and the ceiling. However, you might think of leaving some space between the cabinets and the ceiling if you don't want a suffocating kitchen. The cabinets reaching the ceiling might seem a lot, especially if your kitchen is not spacious. 

Also, there is an option for you to put a cabinet over the fridge, which should have the smallest height. It is a functional choice to put less-used kitchen implements in as you will probably need a ladder to reach it. 

Wall Cabinet Depth

The depth of the wall cabinets is determined according to the depth of the base cabinets. They can be equal or shallower, depending on your choice. Shallow ones give more space for you to work on the counter and make your kitchen seem more spacious. As their depth are less than the base cabinets, you cannot store large pans or plates inside them.

Wall Cabinet Width

30 inches is the best for the width of the upper cabinets. It allows you to store a considerable amount of stuff inside them and appear fit in the kitchen. 

Wider options are available, but they are not recommended as they seem gross and improper for the kitchen of a house. They are preferable for the kitchens of the restaurants as they need to store larger utensils. Therefore, more expansive wall cabinets are sold to industrial kitchens. 

Wall Kitchen Cabinets

Tall Kitchen Cabinets Dimensions

Tall cabinets are the ones less favored than the base and wall cabinets. It is probably because it takes up more space and you need a larger kitchen for them. However, they are the most functional ones if you can have one. You might use it as dry food storage. They are usually located beside the fridge as both reach the ceiling. 

Their height is between 84-96 inches depending on the height of your walls, and the depth is around 12-24 inches. There are three options for their depth as 12, 24, or 36 inches. 

Tall Cabinet Height

Decide the height of the tall cabinets according to the size of the other upper cabinets and your refrigerator. 84 inches provides more free space aesthetically but don't choose it if your other cabinets are higher. Also, the higher one might not be useful if you need a ladder to reach the upper shelves inside. 

Tall Cabinet Depth

If you want to store dry food and cans, you should better choose the option of 12 inches. However, if you're going to put cleaning utensils such as mops and buckets, go for the 24 inches. It is totally up to you which one you like more. 

Tall Cabinet Width

There are three types of tall cabinets in terms of their width:

12-inch: This smaller option is suitable for tall corner cabinets. You can utilize odd spaces with these cabinets. They are wide enough to store food, so don't worry if it seems so tiny. 

24-inch: Although wider than the 12-inch option, it is still not an enormous cabinet. You can place it near the fridge as its width would seem compatible. 

36-inch: If you consider it as a huge drawer, you would like to put shelves on the door it is the best option for you. 

The gist of it…

If you want to renovate your old kitchen or you are moving into a new apartment, you should check all the options before buying kitchen cabinets. Deciding between the ready-made kitchen cabinets and custom ones is not easy, but considering the endless number of options for the standard cabinets, you can find the perfect one for you. 

However, you should pay extreme attention to the sizes and find the fitting cabinets for your kitchen. Just measure your kitchen and check over the details given in this article. 


How to decide which size to choose while buying kitchen cabinets?

Start with measuring every bit and corner of your kitchen. Include the dimensions of the stove, sink, and refrigerator. Draw a rough outline and note the measurements on it. Then, look for the standard cabinet sizes and find the fitting ones. 

Should I buy ready-made cabinets or custom-made cabinets for my kitchen?

Standard kitchen cabinets are incredibly various, and as they are mass-manufactured, they are cheaper. We recommend that you evaluate the options for the ready-made kitchen cabinets first. If you are not happy with them, consider contacting an interior architect to design your kitchen cabinets. However, keep in mind that you should allocate much more time and money for it. 

Can I refashion the standard sizes of the ready-made ones?

Of course, you can! Besides choosing from the endless number of options, you can customize the standard ones for your kitchen. You might find out several DIY videos online and create the ideal kitchen out of the standard cabinets for yourself. 

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