Transitional Kitchen Cabinets

Timeless designs of transitional kitchen cabinets will make your kitchen unique and impressive. Always in fashion, transitional cabinet designs will last for generations.  Read more...

Characterized by its ability to successfully combine elements of both contemporary and traditional aesthetics, transitional kitchens offer a simple but sophisticated look. Considering that the kitchen is one of the rooms we spent most time in, going for the more cozy, less uptight atmosphere provided by transitional style is always a good idea!

The staples of a transitional kitchen are simple cabinetry designs like framed or frameless Shaker cabinets, bold colours balanced with neutral and earthy tones like beige or brown, industrial lighting, practical and clean elements and little but impressive decorative pieces.

If you want to create your own transitional style kitchen, take a closer look at our transitional cabinets. You can opt for framed or frameless alternatives. Framed cabinets are often known as American style whereas frameless ones are called European style cabinets. Framed cabinets have an overlying frame covering the front of the box, that is why they are more sturdy but having such a frame means compromising on the storage space. Frameless cabinets offer a cleaner, more modern look and have thicker boxes to ensure stability and strength. If you are indecisive about whether you should go for framed or frameless cabinets, you should first consider your kitchen space and the overall aesthetic you are after.

We offer impressive, durable and stylish transitional kitchen cabinets from pioneering brands like St. Martin, Fabuwood, Cubitac and FGM.

If you want to create an inviting and warm space, you can opt for stain finish and add the warmth of earthy tones to your kitchen. Or you can go for paint finish for a clean, sleek look and add a dash of colour to your design. You can choose gray, dark blue, white, cream, auburn, metallic or bright white to make your kitchen look more modern.


A transitional style kitchen cabinet essentially means blending modern and traditional style kitchens. This style usually favors light or medium colors with mixed materials for cabinets. The beauty of transitional cabinets comes from the fact that it brings together the functional features of modern kitchen styles and the elegant details of traditional kitchen styles. This unity of the best of both worlds allows for a wonderful kitchen atmosphere to flourish.

Transitional kitchen cabinets have a streamlined profile. They often prefer wood as their base material but they can also be made from lacquer and veneer. The cabinets have a recessed or paneled style door. This allows them to naturally blend in with the rest of the kitchen's style, whether it's dominant in modern or traditional aspects.

Transitional kitchen cabinets are the most popular style of kitchen cabinets right now. The best of both worlds mentality behind the design of transitional kitchen cabinets makes them a very solid option for home decoration. Focusing both on functionality, elegant details, intricate ornaments, and neutral color palettes, transitional kitchen cabinets are surely worth the investment for your home kitchen.

Transitional kitchen cabinets mainly favor neutral colors such as light gray, beige, deep bronze, light blue, hazelnut, and white. These colors allow transitional kitchen cabinets to find the perfect balance between contemporary and traditional design options.