Traditional Kitchen Cabinets

Traditional kitchen cabinets are the perfect match for the romantic souls longing for the charm and elegance of another era. Bringing together the grace of period features and inviting, warm colours; traditional cabinet designs will be a good investment and a great addition to your kitchen.  Read more...

Beautiful and sturdy traditional cabinets come in both framed and frameless options. If you need additional strength, you can opt for framed traditional cabinets. If you need more space or prefer a more updated look, frameless cabinet options are better for you.

You can create welcoming kitchens with traditional cabinets. You can incorporate them into your rustic designs to generate a cottage-like atmosphere. Pale green, pale blue, pastel tones, light beige, eggshell and cream colors work best with such a country, rustic design. You can enhance your traditional style kitchen space by using marble countertops that will lighten up your space.

Characterized by the generous use of accessories, traditional kitchens have a certain warmth and familiarity. If you want to create a kitchen along with these lines, you should take a closer look at fascinating and practical designs of St. Martin, Fabuwood, Cubitac and FGM. As the pioneering brands of the industry, they offer durable and aesthetically pleasing kitchen cabinets that will last for generations.

Traditional style in interior design is characterized by warm hues and alluring colors like brown, beige, earthy tones, orange, gold, navy blue, pale green, light blue, dark green, white and eggshell. You can pair these with gold accents, bold accessories or vivid details in order to make your kitchen reflect your unique taste. 

If you want to highlight the natural beauty of wood, you should consider stain finished cabinet doors. Adding a beautiful hue to high quality wood, stain finish ensures durability and ease of cleaning as well. If you want to add a splash of colour to your traditional kitchen, pain finish options will excite you. You can go for more sombre colours like navy blue, ash gray, black, dark auburn and black to create a more sophisticated kitchen or opt for brighter colours like white or ivory to make your kitchen look more illuminated.