The Allure of White Marble Countertops

The Allure of White Marble Countertops

Some materials never go out of style, and white marble is one of them. People used white marble for centuries in various shapes and forms, including countertops. White marble countertops' timeless beauty and elegance will help you create aesthetically pleasing spaces; whether its pristine look or the luminous glow, the allure of a white marble countertop is a sight to see.

Types of White Marble: Exploring Varieties for Your Countertops

White marble has several options to choose from, each with its distinctive characteristics and looks. The type of white marble you pick for your countertops can impact your home design significantly. That is why it is important to know them better. Here are the most popular white marble types used for countertops:

  • Carrara Marble: Carrara marble is quarried in the Carrara region of Italy. It has a white background with subtle and elegant gray veining. They are mostly preferred for creating open and airy spaces. 
  • Calacatta Marble: Calacatta marble is often mistaken for Carrara, but it is pretty easy to differentiate them. Just like Carrara marble, Calacatta features a white background. However, the veining of Calacatta marble is bolder and can have other colors like gold. 
  • Statuario Marble: As the name implies, Statuario Marble is a popular choice among sculptors. Statuario marble is known for its bright white background and vibrant and thick veining. It is the perfect countertop material for creating exquisite looks in your kitchen and bathroom areas.
  • Thassos Marble: Thassos marble comes from the Thassos island of Greece. The crystalline appearance of this stone makes it reflect the light more than the average marble. This natural stone is the perfect material for countertops that help you build your dream home.
  • Volakas Marble: Volakas marble has a white and light beige background. It features gray or brown veining that adds to the allure of this elegant stone. Volakas marble is the perfect slab for creating design elements that fit into various design styles.
  • Arabescato Marble: Arabescato marble is known for its white background with intricate dark gray veining. The veins form beautiful patterns that give the stone its name. Countertops made from Arabescato marble are prized for their unique and sophisticated looks.

Design Inspirations: Incorporating White Marble Countertops into Your Space

The beautiful and elegant looks of white marble countertops work well with almost every design style there is. From traditional to contemporary, white marble countertops are the perfect way to elevate your home décor. 

As we've mentioned earlier, various types of marble are out in the market. Choosing the right one that matches your design preferences is extremely important. However, all-white marble countertops look amazing when paired with complementary design elements. White marble kitchen countertops work exceptionally well with metallic or wood colors. Other elements' color and texture combinations create aesthetically pleasing areas along with the veining of your countertops.

Pros and Cons of White Marble Countertops: Making the Right Choice

White marble countertops have been the most popular type for many years and still hold that spot. Let's take a look at their pros to understand why they are so popular.

  • Beauty: White marble countertops are one of the best ways to brighten up a place while incorporating feelings of sophistication and elegance. Their natural veining and bright colors add character and personality to your home.
  • Durability: White marble countertops last for years when maintained properly. They are also heat resistant, which makes them ideal for kitchens.
  • Cool Surface: Marble countertops are the preferred option for many bakeries because of their cool surface. White marble countertops are perfect when working with pastry because they keep the dough from becoming too warm.
  • Adds Value: You can't go wrong with white marble countertops. Potential buyers will be pleased to see white marble countertops in your home. 

Now, let's take a look at the cons;

  • Porous Stone: White marble is a porous stone, just like all other types. That is why extra caution should be taken because your countertops can absorb liquids.
  • Maintenance: You may have already heard that marble requires maintenance more than granite or quartzite. However, the sealing process of white marble countertops makes them relatively easy to clean and maintain.
  • Patina: White marble countertops can develop a patina over time. This may be alluring to some people, but it definitely isn't for everyone.
  • Cost: Marble is a premium material for countertops. That is why white marble countertops are pricier than most other options.

Classic Beauty: Timeless Traditional Kitchen Styles with White Marble Countertops

If you are interested in a traditional-style kitchen, white marble countertops are one of the best options out there. They are the perfect way to create an airy and bright space. Here are some traditional kitchen-style ideas that work well with white marble countertops:

  • White marble kitchen countertops work amazingly with wood cabinetry. So, white marble can work wonders if you are going for a classic colonial style for your kitchen.
  • White marble kitchen countertops can be considered blank canvases to help you push your design to the next level. Ornate details and elaborate patterns of Victorian kitchens can significantly benefit from white marble countertops.
  • Consider getting white marble kitchen countertops if you are going for a farmhouse kitchen style. When paired with white marble kitchen countertops, your rustic design elements will pop out. The open shelving and wooden cabinetry will set the mood along with your charming countertop.

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