Dark Kitchen Cabinets

Dark Kitchen Cabinets

When it comes to kitchen design, cabinets, and their style play a very significant part in the result. They define the functionality of the space and help determine the aesthetics along with the countertops. 

Out of all the possible choices for cabinet colors, the most popular are usually very light or dark wood colors. Beige or white cabinets are generally chosen as they bring a fresh aura to the space. However, dark kitchen cabinets have also been a staple of decoration for decades due to their timeless style. 

Dark cabinets are usually made from materials with deep and rich colors, such as mahogany, espresso, or walnut. They possess a sophisticated appearance that brings an upscale and luxurious feel. Moreover, they contrast the kitchen's light elements, such as the countertops or the walls, thus creating visual interest. 

Why Choose Dark Kitchen Cabinets? 

Many people prefer the appearance of dark cabinetry rather than light colors as they prefer a deeper and moodier aesthetic. Dark kitchen cabinetry can combine and complement many interior design styles, from traditional to contemporary, making it a highly versatile choice. Let's go over its advantages in more detail. 

  • They conceal stains and other abrasion

One of the biggest advantages of a kitchen with dark cabinets is that it can conceal stains and other minor abrasions. As it is a dark color, such blemishes tend to stick out less than white or beige cabinets, which show all the scruffs plain as day. This is especially advantageous in busy kitchens or households with young kids or pets. 

  • They are easy to combine with various styles

During the kitchen remodel, whether the options you choose will be in harmony with the rest of the house can be a big concern. Similarly, you would also want your new cabinets to fit into the preexisting aesthetics of the kitchen and the rest of the decoration. 

Thankfully, dark or black cabinets can easily fit into many design combinations. They are incredibly versatile and can be paired with industrial, eclectic, classic, contemporary styles, and many more. They will function as a great backdrop and a canvas on which you can pair many different kitchen designs and decoration options. This freedom will allow you to experiment with various styles, textures, elements, and colors in your kitchen. 

  • They exude a rich elegance

Dark kitchen cabinets exude a unique opulence that instantly elevates the kitchen. The rich colors can make the space feel more high-end and luxurious as it brings overall refinement and sophistication. 

This might make you think that it can also cause the space to appear intimidating and hard to approach. However, that couldn't be further from the truth. The deeply warm wood tones will also create a cozy and welcoming aura. Especially colors such as cherry wood or walnut can evoke a sense of comfort and calm. The space's warmth will help you feel that the kitchen is the heart of the house. 

  • They create contrast

Dark kitchen cabinets have the unique advantage of creating a striking contrast against the higher elements in the kitchen, such as backsplashes and walls. For example, when dark cabinets are paired with white countertops, dark cabinets appear even more regal and become the room's focal point. This adds a lot of depth and dimension to the space, making it appear much more visually interesting and captivating. 

How to Choose the Right Shade

Choosing the right shade and tone is essential to creating your desired atmosphere. The amount of natural light your kitchen gets plays an essential role in this decision. If your kitchen gets a lot of natural light, you have more options and can choose a shade that is as dark as you wish. On the other hand, if you are working with a very limited amount of natural sunlight, choosing a shade that is slightly lighter or a shade that is between a dark and mid-tone can prevent the kitchen from feeling enclosed and too gloomy. 

Similarly, the size of your kitchen is also significant. Too dark shade can cause your already small kitchen to appear even smaller. In that case, a similar advice stands. Picking a medium-toned dark shade can strike the perfect balance.

Maintaining and Cleaning Dark Cabinets

Although they show less wear and tear, dark kitchen cabinets still require regular care to look their best. Dust and dirt accumulate on the cabinets and, over time, cause their shine to dull. To combat this, it is best practice to wipe the cabinets regularly with a soft microfiber cloth. This simple step will keep your cabinets looking fresh and clean. 

When it comes to deep cleaning, avoid harsh and abrasive cleaners that can cause damage to the finish of the cabinets. You can use mild dish soap diluted with water and a soft cloth to wipe the surface. 

Dark cabinets have many different aesthetic and functional advantages; they are an excellent option for large families, families with children and pets, or just kitchens with a lot of foot traffic. They show less wear and tear compared to lighter colors and are versatile. Their timeless elegance brings a sophisticated aura. If you are interested in elevating your kitchen with all these remarkable qualities, contact us for more information. 


Are dark kitchen cabinets still in style?

Yes, dark tones still are a popular choice for kitchen cabinet colors among homeowners and interior designers. While design trends change over time, the allure of dark cabinets remains as their timeless elegance still stands. Moreover, they offer advantages such as being versatile and camouflaging wear and tear, which makes them a sought-after option.

What colors look best in a kitchen with dark cabinets?

You can complement dark cabinets with lighter neutral colors such as cream and white to create contrast, or you can opt for warm organic tones such as terracotta and olive green. When paired with the dark cabinets, these tones will create a serene atmosphere. Moreover, you can combine it with jewel tones or metallics such as emerald, sapphire, gold, or copper to accentuate the opulent and luxurious appearance.

Do dark kitchen cabinets make a kitchen look smaller?

Dark kitchen cabinets have the potential to make a kitchen look smaller. However, the perception of the largeness of the room also heavily depends on other factors, such as the amount of natural light the room receives and other design choices. How much contrast there is in the room, the cabinet size and layout, organization, and lighting can also change the perception of the kitchen.

How to decorate a kitchen with dark cabinets?

Dark kitchen cabinets are versatile and can be paired with many different design options and styles. Opting for contrasting colors, open shelving, or cabinets with glass doors are trendy dark kitchen cabinet ideas and are widely available.

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