Modern Kitchen Cabinets

If you are a fan of minimalism in interior design, you will fall in love with Kitchen Hill’s modern kitchen cabinets. Explore Kitchen Hill’s three different styles and find the kitchen cabinet design that suits your unique taste.


You can pair unique designs with dark, charismatic colours or opt for more natural looking material to create your dream modern kitchen. If you want to make a statement, you can also go for bright and loud colours such as lively orange, quirky lemon or eye catching glass green. 

Framed and frameless options of Kitchen Hill aim to cater to a wide range of different tastes. If you are after a sleek look, frameless cabinets will work perfectly with your modern kitchen. You can go for paint finish for a matte and dignified look or you can create a futuristic atmosphere with lacquer finish. If you want to add some sophistication to your kitchen by highlighting the natural beauty of the high quality wood, you should choose veneer finish which can be paired with Bamboo, American Walnut, Oak, Makassar, Olive and Eucalyptus material.  

If you want a modern kitchen design that is simple yet memorable, Mercury is just what you are looking for. Being one of the most popular modern cabinet designs, Mercury has framed construction and comes in four different colours: White, Grey, Cherry and Espresso. You can also choose from stain finish and paint finish options.

In addition to somber options, Kitchen Hill offers bold and loud contemporary kitchen cabinets. Designed by Hans Krug, frameless contemporary cabinets look sleek and shiny. Pairing high quality material with audacious colours like signal red, violet, curry green, yellow, yellow yolk and sapphire blue with lacquer finish, contemporary cabinets will make your kitchen the focal point of your home.