Kitchen Sinks

Sinks are one of the most used elements of our households. We believe that when choosing a sink whether it’s for your kitchen or your bathroom, its equally important to have good looks and efficient functioning. Read more...

They have to be able to stand the test of time and have a visually distinctive look that matches the style of your kitchen and bathroom overall. We at Kitchen Hill prefer two materials for these reasons alone; high-quality stainless steel and beautiful porcelain vanity selections.

The majority of the world population uses stainless steel sinks and definitely for good reason. They are overall cheaper, more durable, and can come in a variety of types that are suitable for different installations. For instance, you can opt for ones with two faucets in the form of double kitchen sinks, that have separate hot and cold compartments and even add another one that has pressurized water through a movable hose to easily clean your dishes and kitchen countertops. Stainless steel kitchen sinks are also highly resistant to staining, heat and are easy to clean. They have one con generally and that is them being prone to scratching. However, this downside is easily eliminated with the purchase of quality equipment such as the ones we provide at Kitchen Hill as we only use high-quality grade stainless steel materials and appliances. Thus, they are a suitable choice for any household that aims for durability, style, and utility.

When you consider about bathroom sinks a popular option is porcelain sinks. In comparison to their stainless-steel counterparts, they are more expensive but the difference is well justified as they look absolutely beautiful. Also, their color and tone variations easily match with many different design choices for kitchens. Generally, porcelain bathroom sinks are attributed with fragility, however, if they are manufactured through a high-quality modern technique that cements them over stainless steel, their durability will enhance and they will be quite resistant to damages and heat. These models allow you to maintain both beauty and durability for your kitchen. They also come in various models; however, their variations are more limited than stainless steel due to the nature of the material.

No matter what color or option you are looking for, our diverse spectrum of kitchen and bathroom sinks along with our years of expertise in the kitchen design industry here at Kitchen Hill, we will ensure that you pick the right choice for your kitchen to display your unique persona like never before.


The most popular kitchen sink material is stainless steel. Stainless steel sinks, which can be used efficiently for many years with scratch-resistant structures, are also very easy to clean. Therefore, the most popular choice for the kitchen is the stainless steel sink. However, if you want to create a classic style in your kitchen, you can achieve a stylish look with a white porcelain sink.

There are many sizes of kitchen sinks available; generally, the standard sizes are between 24" and 36", but the most preferred and popular sizes are 30" or 33".

Stainless steel sinks are the easiest to clean kitchen sinks. Stainless steels, which have a non-porous structure, are highly resistant to stains. You can easily clean it using daily household cleaning products; it does not need unique cleaning materials and extra care.

The prices of kitchen sinks vary according to a few factors, such as the sink's material, the type of sink, and its size. Sink prices range between $60 and $2,000. Stainless steel sinks are more expensive compared to other materials.